Joanne Woolley



32 Lower Somerville Road
Somerville, Victoria 3912


When Joanne discovered a lack of options for animals recovering after surgery or needing treatment for arthritis, she took measures into her own hands and established Aquapaws in 2004.
Aquapaws has grown to include many alternative therapies for animals, including physiotherapy, soft tissue/Bowen therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic services.

“We are the only centre in Australia that covers such a wide range of alternative therapies for small and large animals and are staffed by the most experienced in their field in this country.”
Jo’s greatest joy is seeing paralysed dogs walking again. “Owners drop off their paralysed dog and come and pick up their walking dog when I walk them out to greet them. There are always tears of joy. I love that!”

Qualifications include:
· 2004 Canine Hydrotherapy (UK) Accredited
Fully endorsed by the British Veterinary Nurse Association (BVNA) and Awarding Body Consortium (ABC) accreditation authority.

· 2005 Canine Rehabilitation (USA)
Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist – University of Tennessee