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Pin Needham

Adelaide Dog Mobility & Hydrotherapy


Adelaide Dog Mobility & Hydrotherapy, Glenside Veterinary Clinic, 294 Greenhill Road, South Australia, Glenside, Australia

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I have extensive experience with racing greyhounds, including being a speaker at the World Greyhound Racing Federation Veterinary Symposium held in the UK in 1978.
From 1973 to date I have owned & operated Veterinary Practices in Adelaide, South Australia.
The Adelaide Dog Mobility & Hydrotherapy Practice commenced in 2008. We have an underwater treadmill and a swimming pool for dogs. I finished my Certified Canine Rehabilitation course in 2014.
In 2015, I completed the Canine Sports Medicine program.
My spare time activities include training dogs for Agility and doing scientific research on Southern Right Whales.


I am veterinarian, graduated from the University of Queensland in 1967.
My career in small animal practice commenced in 1973.

CRI -Certified Canine Rehab Therapist

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